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Villa Concrete Water Feature - Large 140cm

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✓ Made New To Order
Classical Italian Design
Built In Australia
Choice of 4 Colours

This is a solid concrete item made from a mix of marble chip, limestone & cement. Each piece us made new to order with an 8 week ETA for casting, sculpting, colouring, drying and final touches.

Create a relaxing ambience in your garden with the Villa Concrete Water Feature. This is a self-contained water fountain so a pond is not necessary. It's built to stand upright against the wind, rain and natural elements.


    • Dimensions Overall(LxH): 90cm x 140cm
      Colour: Sandstone

      Note: Please add a suitable pump in the "Add Accessories" section.

      Please note, items that are 40kg or over will travel on a pallet. Due to courier OH&S policy, we're only allowed to deliver to the front of house. Ensure you plan ahead to move your freight to the desired location. Refer to our delivery guide.

      All our limestone concrete items are hand made in our Sydney workshop in Australia. We strive to continually improve our raw materials and refine our moulds and designs to achieve the highest quality end product.

      Please note as, due to the nature of the items being hand made, no two are identical and slight imperfections may occur.

      Our concrete items come in 4 colours. For more colour pictures, click here.

      This item is made from a mix of reconstituted marble chip, limestone & cement with the right blend for a superb finish.

      WK 1-3: Solution in mould, sculpting, drying.
      WK 4-5: Patch up, fill up air bubbles, grind, filing.
      WK 6-7: Colouring, drying.
      WK 8: Final touches, pack & ready for shipping.

      Self-Contained: Usually where the pedestal meets the largest bowl.
      With Pond: At the pedestal base. The tubing traverses the pedestal through to the acorn.

      We advise using a suitable "roof & gutter sealant" to seal the pump housing.