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Low Voltage Extension Lead 10m to suit Reefe Pumps

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Transformers are required for low voltage pumps and all submersible lights. Most low-voltage pumps come with transformers as ‘kits’.

If there is a requirement for a transformer, select it according to: 1. output voltage, and 2. power as expressed in VoltAmps (VA) – equivalent to Watts.

The other important consideration is cable length – long lengths of cable may result in voltage drop causing damage to the pump.

Please ask for advice if unsure. All transformers or plug packs listed are AC not DC.


It is important to check the voltage and wattage of the pump or light.

The VA of the transformer must be equal to or greater than the combined wattage of pump or lights.

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The pump must be fully submerged in water when in operation or damage will occur. Take care in adding extra water during warmer weather. Failure to follow proper care guidelines voids warranty.

Ensure you measure your fountain and read all the specs before ordering a pump. Regrettably, used pumps cannot be returned.

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