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Buying & Setting Up Your Modern GRC Water Fountain

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to buying and setting up your GRC water feature. 

What are the colour options?

Our GRC fountains come in 3 colours:



What grounds or surface to place the fountain on?

All the concrete GRC fountains should be placed on levelled grounds on a flat, hard levelled surface. The options include:

Concrete slabs (ideal)
Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers should have crushed rock and sand underneath and be liquid nailed or concreted together.

Timber decking

The GRC fountains cannot be put on grass or uneven surfaces or just crushed rock. Please note that warranty will not be covered if the foundation for the water feature is not done properly.

Do I need a plumber to install my fountain?

A plumber is not required as our GRC fountains reuse the same water.

What type of pump do I need for my fountain?

Our Modern GRC fountains come with a free 240V pump. You may upgrade to the low voltage 24V pump as an option. Both pumps are plug and play direct to powerpoint.

Do I need an electrician for my fountain?

An electrician is only required in the following 2 situations:

  • The fountain has no access to nearby power so a powerpoint needs to be installed.
  • Need to run the wire underground (which requires a low voltage pump).

How do I move the fountain into place?

Due to OH&S regulations, couriers are only permitted to move your freight at or near your front door and side gate and not beyond these points. Please plan ahead with your own private contractor if you wish to move your item inside your house.

As the GRC fountains range between 200-400kg, we recommend another 1-2 persons to assist moving it into place. Please take a moment to view our Shipping Guide

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