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Mason Concrete Garden Pond - 3 Sizes

Original price $995.00 - Original price $1,595.00
Original price
$995.00 - $1,595.00
Current price $995.00

✓ Made New To Order
Built In Sydney
Delivers Australia-Wide

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Colour Choices? See sample photos.
Size: 170cm
Colour: Sandstone

The Sabia Mason Concrete Pond features a rough surround with a smooth flat top surface. It's made from solid reinforced concrete material to allow it to function as seats. The pond comes in 3 sizes, each with 10 blocks and 10 cappers.

Let the Sabia Mason beautifully surround your water feature as you and your friends sit on the pond while enjoying the relaxing sounds of waterfall droplets.

Comes in 3 sizes 170cm, 190cm and 240cm. The internal diameter measurements are 130cm, 150cm and 200cm, respectively. Fibreglass liners are available in all three sizes.

Note: Pictured is the 240cm version with the Prado concrete fountain in antique white. We also have the pond in a square version.


  • All sizes: 10 blocks and 10 cappers
  • Height (all sizes): 31cm

170cm Pond

  • Inner diameter: 130cm
  • Weight
    • ~50kg each block
    • ~14kg each capper
  • Total weight: ~640kg

190cm Pond

  • Inner diameter: 150cm
  • Weight
    • ~55kg each block
    • ~17kg each capper
  • Total weight: ~720kg

240cm Pond

  • Inner diameter: 200cm
  • Weight
    • ~60kg each block
    • ~20kg each capper
  • Total weight: ~800kg

Note The Gap Between the Pond Pieces

Allow an equal spaced distance between the pond pieces when placed around the liner for mortaring.

Curb-Side Delivery

This item will travel on a pallet. Due to courier OH&S policy, delivery is only allowed to either the front of house, side gate or curb depending on accessibility.

Important Notes

This is a solid concrete item made from our premium mix of marble chip, limestone & cement. It's made new to order with an 8 week ETA for casting, sculpting, colouring & final touches. As we hand-finish each piece, slight seams are expected.

Colour Choices

For photos of our fountains in different colour variations, view our collection of sample photos.