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concrete fountain bowl close up

Complete Guide On Buying A Concrete Fountain

Please read through the below guide on buying, installing and maintaining your concrete fountain.

How Are Concrete Fountains Made?

Our concrete fountains are made from a mix of marble chip, reconstituted limestone & cement all source from local and trusted Australian suppliers.

We've found this to be the optimal mix in creating robust and durable concrete items that withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

All our concrete items are hand made in our Sydney workshop in Australia using moulds acquired from Italian craftsmen. We strive to continually improve our raw materials to achieve the highest quality end product.

Made in Australia logo

Please note as, due to the nature of the items being hand made, no two are identical and slight imperfections may occur.

How Long Does It Take To Build?

We require 8 weeks to build our concrete fountains. Note smaller water features and garden ponds may take 6 weeks.

Week 1-3: Solution in mould, sculpting, drying.
Week 4-5: Patch up, fill up air bubbles, grind, filing.
Week 6-7: Colouring, drying.
Week 8: Final touches, pack & ready for shipping.

What Are The Colour Choices?

Our concrete items come in 4 colours. For more colour pictures, click here.

Concrete Water Features Colour Choices

Do I Need A Pond?

All our concrete fountains can function as self-contained meaning they do not require a pond.

If the fountain is self-contained, the waterfall ends on the base tier (usually the largest tier). A pond does add to the look and effect of the water fountain allowing the water to fall further down the base tier to the ground where it is collected by the pond.

For self-contained water fountains the pump housing is usually located where the pedestal meets the largest bowl (see picture below). We advise using a suitable "roof & gutter sealant" to seal the pump housing after electrical wires are put through.

Concrete Water Features Showing Where Pump Sits

Do I Need A Pond Liner?

Our concrete ponds come in 6-8 pieces to be put together with concrete slabs. This requires some manual work and we recommend a qualified landscaper to assist.


Concrete Fountain Pond Pieces White


Concrete Fountain Pond

There are 2 options to seal a pond:

Pond Liner: Sits within the pond so the pond does not need to be waterproofed. This method is the most economical and hassle-free. We offer liners at 150cm, 220cm & 240cm.

Pond Liner

Manual Waterproofing: Requires (1) Concrete floor (2) Waterproof each piece with fibreglass (3) Labourer to assist. This method is more labour intensive and is the more expensive option.

What Water Pump Do I Use?

We have provided the appropriate water pump recommendation based on whether the water feature is used as self-contained or with a pond. Please see the right hand side section of the product page (or below the "Add to cart" button if using mobile). E.g. with the Catalina fountain:

For more information about pumps and how fountains work, read our guide on How Water Features Work.

Can I Hide The Pump Cable? Or Does It Overhang The Fountain Bowl?

The water pump sits in the fountain's centre (pump housing). With all our concrete fountains, a small opening at the pump housing extends to the bottom.

There are two ways to treat the cable. You can let it overhang the large bowl. Or you can traverse the wire through the opening to the pedestal's base. This setup means you can hide the cord.

How Is The Fountain Delivered?

Our concrete fountains generally weigh 100-300kg with some of the larger ones including a pond can weigh upwards to 900kg. While that may sound a lot but the fountain is delivered in pieces onto a pallet. The larger fountains with a pond usually take 2-3 pallets.

This means you are lifting each piece at a time, not the entire unit in one go! The largest piece can weigh 50-120kg, e.g. the largest bowl of the Catalina weighs approximately 110kg, with the full fountain weighing approximately 400kg.

Due to courier OH&S policy, we're only allowed to deliver to the front of house. Please ensure you plan ahead to move your freight to the desired location. Refer to our delivery guide.

You will need a few strong friends to help with the initial lifting of the pieces to your garden after the pallets have been delivered.

How Do I Install My Concrete Fountain?

We recommend a qualified landscaper to assist with installing your concrete water feature. Please read through our guide on How To Set Up A Concrete Fountain.

Installation is quite straight forward. The difficulty is in the heavy lifting. Thus we recommend only 1 landscaper for guidance while you gather a few strong friends to assist.

If you're having trouble locating a landscaper, ask us and we'll assist!

How Do I Protect My Concrete Fountain?

You don't need to do anything to protect your concrete fountain or statue. The material resists the harsh weather conditions. Natural ageing does occur overtime and this is a feature and the look is often considered appealing.

However, you may impede the natural ageing process by using a clear concrete sealer such as the Berger's Jet Dry Stone & Paving Sealer, available at any good hardware store.

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