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fountain bowl flowing water

9 Great Reasons To Buy Fountains & Water Features

Water features are an excellent way to decorate your garden or home living space. They are beautiful to look at and provide relaxing water flow sounds. With the correct positioning and adornment of other ornaments or plants, you can change the ambience of any decor.

However, there are many other benefits to owning one that meets the eye. We explore nine practical reasons you want to buy fountains for your home and garden.

1. Water Features Allow You To Adorn Your Garden

The most apparent appeal of water features starts with their aesthetics. That is, they allow you to beautify any outdoor décor. A carefully placed outdoor fountain can bring beauty, elegance, and sophistication to your garden. Moreover, a large and prominent one like the Catalina Concrete Fountain below allows you to make a visual statement in your garden.

catalina concrete fountain

2. You Can Cool Your Garden

Fountains can decrease the surrounding air temperature due to evaporation effects and the ability of water to interact with the surrounding air to absorb and transport heat. The result becomes more significant with more giant fountains to create greater movement and mixing of water. So having a water feature in your garden can provide a cooler environment for you to relax in.

3. You Can Improve The Air Quality

Water also detoxifies and purifies the air. Air contains positive and negatively charged ions. Positive ions are associated with pollen, dust and toxic chemicals. You're also bombarded with positive ions when using your mobile phone and other electronics.

A fountain creates a waterfall effect with the aid of a water pump. Water moving or flowing generates negative ions, which circulate in the air. Breathing in air charged with these negative ions has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve depression. It also can refresh and re-energise you. Thus improving the surrounding air quality is another great reason to buy a water feature.

It's worth noting negative ions are also created in a bathroom shower and at the beach with flowing water. However, a water feature recirculates water, so there is little wastage of water, and you don't have a beach in your garden!

4. You Can Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

As mentioned, breathing in air charged with negative ions can reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Therefore, water features can improve your physical and mental health and provide a sense of calm and relaxation. You can also relax and gaze at the moving water of a water fountain as a way to meditate.

It's worth noting that fountains are placed strategically around hospitals. The effect is to aid in patient recovery time and provide an alternative method to help alleviate physical pain, stress and anxiety.

Water fountains also promote social activity. They provide a landmark to serve as a meeting point, attract people and increase positive moods. They also encourage children to play.

5. You Can Improve the Feng Shui In Your Home or Garden

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese study of the relationship between spatial arrangement and orientation of physical items to that of energy flow and how this affects humans.

Flowing water is believed to symbolise the flow of prosperity and positivity and has many energetic properties. Flowing water is also thought to restore balance. The movement of water flow in a fountain promotes the flow of chi (life-force) energy and re-energises surrounding stagnant chi. Thus, owning a water fountain can vastly improve the energy of your home or garden.

6. A Water Feature Can Spice Up Your Interior Decor

Water features are not just for your garden. You can also place one inside your house, referred to as an indoor fountain, which includes tabletop fountains.

A well-placed indoor water fountain in your living room, like the Harmony Dancers Fountain below, can boost its visual appeal and create a relaxing décor.

Harmony Fountain Used Indoors

A tabletop fountain on a desk can inspire a relaxing place to work and allow you to meditate during your work breaks by focusing on the gentle flow of water.

7. Water Fountains Provide A Pleasant Sound While Masking Unwanted Noise

The sound of flowing water is pleasant to the ears and transports us instantly to nature. Indeed, a popular reason to buy fountains is their delightful sounds.

Water flow varies among different fountain types and generally depends on the water drop height among its tiers. The higher the water drop, the stronger the sound.

The sound of fountains also provides practical acoustics in masking unwanted noises such as street noises or noisy neighbours. You can create natural white noise by setting one up in your garden or living room.

mason rain effect fountain

For example, the Mason Rain Effect Water Feature mimics the sound of gentle rain, which can be a great way to provide some white noise where needed.

8. They Can Attract Wildlife

Water attracts birds and other wildlife to your garden as it allows a place for them to drink and bathe. Moreover, a fountain with a large pond can provide a natural habitat for fish to swim around. Thus, garden water features (as well as bird baths) can offer a self-sustaining ecosystem for birds, fish and other natural wildlife.

fountain bowl with fishes inside

To maximise the potential to attract wildlife, you want to introduce some plant life around the area.

9. You Can Boost Your Property's Appeal & Value

large concrete fountain

The aesthetic properties of fountains enhance the way your property looks overall. Moreover, its ability to mask outside noise improves the auditory appeal of your residence. These factors can boost your property value to potential buyers. Thus owning a water feature can also provide a return on investment financially.

Executive Summary

We've explored the top 9 reasons to own a water feature. From attracting wildlife to the health benefits and potentially boosting your property value, there are many reasons to buy a fountain rather than just its obvious visual appeal.

Now that you know the benefits, the next step is to browse our catalogue of water fountains.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

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