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Setting Up Your Sandstone Concrete Water Fountain

Congratulations on purchasing your new concrete water fountain. Now it's time to set it up so you can sit back and enjoy the majestic sight and sounds of gentle water trickling along your new spectacle.

Here's a guide to help you put together your water feature.


  • Cement mixture (or liquid nails) for “gluing” the pond together.
  • Mortar mixture for “gluing” the fountain tier bowls on top of one another.
  • Sponge & cup for soaking any water in the bowls.
  • 2x ladders based on height of fountain (or appropriate scaffolding).


  • We recommend 2-4 strong men to assist with the set up depending on the fountain.
  • We strongly advise you consult with a landscaper to assist. If at any stage you’re unsure, please consult with your landscaper. 


The concrete fountain needs to set onto a flat solid and robust surface. There are 2 choices:


It can go onto hard soil. For that you need: 

  • Clear away any grass in the way.
  • Level the soil, ensure it’s compacted and not too loose or soft.


Although hard soil is an option, our preferred choice is a concrete surface. After the grass is cleared from the soil, pour cement onto it to form a nice, clean, hard surface.

Pond with Fibreglass Liner Option

If you also purchased a fibreglass liner, now is the time to put that over the soil/concrete. The fibreglass liner also acts as a floor support and a template to guide the pond pieces together to form the pond.

The fibreglass liner won’t be so visible when looking at a distance at a pond filled with water.


Before erecting your water feature, we recommend you test the pump and hose first to get a feel for how it operates.

  • Connect the hose to the pump and to a small bucket filled with water
  • Switch the pump on and adjust settings to get a feel for the level of power/pressure.

Pedestal & 1st Tier Bowl

  • Set the pedestal and the 1st tier bowl into place. Depending on the fountain 1-3 men may be required to lift the 1st tier (largest) bowl into place. (Note: this needs to be on the fibreglass liner if you purchased one.)
  • Cementing with mortar may not be required as generally the base pieces are heavy and so are resistant to wind pressure.
  • If the fountain will be using a pond, the pump will sit at the bottom near the pedestal (blue circle below). Put the hose through the pedestal passing the 1st tier bowl. Ensure there’s you leave enough length for it to connect to the pump.
  • If the fountain is used as self-contained the pump will sit at the pump housing where the largest bowl meets the pedestal (red circle). Place the hose through that point pass the centre neck. 

Pro Tip: Levelling the fountain

  • We recommend filling the bowl with water, then spinning it slightly to adjust the flow of the water rather than using a spirit level.

2nd Tier Bowl

  • Put mortar mixture on top of the centre of the 1st tier bowl.
  • Depending on the fountain 1-2 men may be needed to move the 2nd tier bowl into place.
  • While the 2nd bowl is getting into position to be placed, another person needs to push the hose through it. 2 ladders may need to be set up for this.
  • Once the 2nd bowl sits, fill it with water again to level the fountain.
  • You may leave the water or use the sponge/cup to remove it for the next stage.

Subsequent Bowls

  • Repeat as needed for further bowls.
  • When the final acorn (top piece) is placed, trim the hose.


  • You may also use liquid nails, which is easier to work with but cementing with mortar gives the fountain a nicer finish. Your landscaper will be able to discuss with you the best option.
  • Ensure no mortar goes inside the tubing during cementing.
  • You may need to wait a day for each bowl to set before continuing with the next bowls. One option is to do 1 bowl early in the morning and then another late afternoon. For colder days, we advise to wait 1 day between each bowl.


Putting The Pond Together

  • If you're using a pond liner place the cement mixture on the edges of the pond pieces and put them around the pond liner. The pond liner acts as the template to guide the pond pieces.
  • If you're not using a pond liner, ensure you measure appropriately for where the pond pieces will sit and start cementing them together.


Clean The Fountain

  • Ensure you leave enough time for the mortar and cement solutions to dry.
  • Then spray the fountain with water to remove any excess dirt residue.
  • Spray clean the pond.

Connect the pump

  • Connect the hose at the bottom to the pump and the pump to the mains power supply.
  • Fill the pond with enough water. Be careful not to overfill.


  • Switch the pump on and viola!
  • Sit back and enjoy the tranquil sounds of your new water feature.

Congratulations, you have successful set up your Concrete Water Fountain! We would appreciate if you took some pictures and send them to us at to see how you’ve done.

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