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Frangelico 4-Tier Concrete Water Feature w/ Giardino Pond - 275cm

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Made in Australia
Built New To Order
Choice of 2 Colours
Bonus Pump & Hose Kit

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Colours: Scroll below for details.

Note: We make each fountain & bird bath new to order and aim for a 6-8 week ETA for casting, sculpting, colouring, drying and final touches.

✓ Includes FREE Resun Pump & Hose Kit.

✓ Convert to a solar fountain with one of our Reefe Solar Pump Kits.

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Create a relaxing ambience in your garden or patio with the Frangelico 4-Tier Concrete Water Feature with Giardino Pond.

NOTE: Identical version without the horses is the Galliano Concrete Water Feature.


The pond requires either of the below to put it together to seal the pond:

  • Fibreglass Liner for Giardino Pond: The more cost efficient method and less of a headache. Does not require waterproofing. Does not require a landscaper.
  • Concrete slab:  A solution of cement to be mixed to put the pond together. Requires waterproofing after as cementing doesn't make it waterproof. May require a landscaper.

Pond Liner for Giardino Pond

The pond consists of 6 slabs. A landscaper may be required to assist with cementing it together to waterproof each one to make it watertight. Thus we recommend the pond liner (sold separately) as the easier and simpler choice.

giardino concrete pond pieces sandstone

Picture of Giardino pond pieces prior to colouring.


  • Frangelico Water Fountain 275cm
  • Giardino Fountain Pond 240cm
  • FREE Resun King 4F Pump & Hose kit (valued at $249).


  • Dimensions (LxH): 140cm x 275cm
  • Fountain Weight: ~800kg


  • Height: 35cm
  • External diameter: 240cm
  • Internal diameter: 214cm (both sides take 13cm)
  • 6 pieces at 13cm wide per piece


Please note there is a slight gap between the horses. Once the fountain is set up with the pond, it's not easily noticeable at a distance. We will try our best to minimise the gap.

Video is of a 25 year old Frangelico from our craftsmen in Sydney we have partnered with for over 3 years. Our quality materials stand the test of time.

All our limestone concrete items are hand made in Australia. Each piece is made new to order in our Sydney Workshop. We strive to continually improve our raw materials and refine our moulds and designs to achieve the highest quality end product.

Refer below for actual colours of our limestone concrete products. Select your desired colour located near the 'Add to cart' button.



This item is made from a mix of reconstituted marble chip, limestone & cement with the right blend for a superb finish. Due to the time required for casting, sculpting and drying we aim for a 6-8 week ETA.

WK 1-4: Solution in mould, sculpting, drying
WK 5: Patch up, fill up air bubbles, grind, filing
WK 6: Colouring, drying
WK 7: Final touches
WK 8: Pack & ready for shipping

Pump Selection Guide
Setting Up Your Limestone Concrete Fountain

Self-Contained: Usually located where the pedestal meets the largest bowl.
Use With Pond: A custom hole drill may be required at the pedestal base for the pump housing.

The tubing traverses the pedestal through to the acorn. We advise using a suitable "roof & gutter sealant" to seal the pump housing.

All our pumps sold alone or included in our water features come with 1 year's warranty. Selected Reefe pumps come with 2 years' warranty.

Due to OH&S regulations, couriers are only permitted to move your freight at or near your front door and side gate and not beyond these points. Consider planning ahead if you wish to place the item inside the house. Please take a moment to view our Shipping Guide

As our concrete fountains are generally 200-400kg, we advise 2-3 people to assist with moving the fountain to your desired location.

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