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Monteray 2-Tier Concrete Outdoor Water Fountain - Large 157cm

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✓ Made New To Order
Classical Italian Design
Built In Sydney
Delivers Australia-Wide

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The Monteray is a 2-tier outdoor water fountain that boasts a simple and refined classical Italian design.

The Water Fountain Design

The bowls of the fountain are horizontally aligned and symmetrical to give it a minimalistic look and feel that contrasts well with the more detailed pedestal base.

The simple curved top with ball adds to the fountain's elegance and yields a distinctive overall design. Indeed, this water feature is sure to be a crowd pleaser once erected in your garden.

We recommend allowing 2cm for the tube to extend upwards past the ball top. Water will flow upwards for about 3-5cm before dripping down onto the ball. The water flow then begins a cascading waterfall effect down the top bowl to the bottom bowl.

For a full scale fountain waterfall effect we recommend adding either the Classical Concrete Pond - 220cm or the Giardino Pond - 240cm so the water can cascade past the large bowl onto the pond catchment.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (LxH): 110cm x 157cm
  • Pieces: 4 (Middle section & small bowl is 1 piece)
  • Weights estimate (top to base):
    • Acorn sphere: 40cm (H) at ~30kg
    • Middle section: 60cm (L) x 60cm (W)at ~75kg
    • Large bowl: 110cm (W) at ~150kg
    • Base: 70cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 60cm (H) at ~95kg
    • Total weight: ~350kg (note pallet & packaging is extra ~50kg)

Note: The bottom of the base features a small door for the electrical wiring to pass through.

          Colour: Sandstone

          Selecting A Pump The second option (if available) is the more powerful rated pump for use with a pond.
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          NOTE: Please add a pump in the "Recommended Accessories" section.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Does the item come in parts? Yes, the pedestal and bowls are in separate pieces.
          Does the cord overhang the bowl? You can hide the cord by feeding it through the pedestal.
          Can I use a solar pump? Yes, view our solar pump guide for details.

          For more questions, view our Full Buyers' Guide.

          Curb-Side Delivery

          This item will travel on a pallet. Due to courier OH&S policy, delivery is only allowed to either the front of house, side gate or curb depending on accessibility.

          Important Notes

          This is a solid concrete item made from our premium mix of marble chip, limestone & cement. It's made new to order with an 8 week ETA for casting, sculpting, colouring & final touches. As we hand-finish each piece, slight seams are expected.

          Colour Choices

          For photos of our fountains in different colour variations, view our collection of sample photos.