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Resun King 2AFLV 24V Low Voltage Water Pump - 1500LPH

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The Resun King 2AFLV is a 24V water pump suited for fountains and ponds. It's perfect if you want a low-voltage pump delivering robust power at 1500 litres per hour at a max lift of 1.8m.


  • Can extend the low voltage cable with connectors to a total of 60m before a voltage drop occurs
  • Inline use: Suitable for use inline externally as a flooded suction set-up.
  • Fully submersible

What's In The Box

  • Cable Length: 5m (may be extended up to a total of 60m)
  • Attachments: Flow Control, 3-tier volcano, bell fountain, aerator venturi outlet fitting, foam filter
  • Transformer: Includes 24 Volt AC 36VA, 1.5A Indoor Transformer
  • Warranty: 2 years (motor only, excludes impeller)


  • Max Flow: 1500L/hr
  • Max Head: 1.7m
  • Flow at 1m: 800L/hr
  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 20W 24VAC
  • Inlet Size: 12mm and 19mm
  • Outlet Size: 12mm, 19mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 16.5cm x 10cm x 8cm
  • Max permissible fluid temperature: 35 deg celcius
  • Weight: 1.60kg

Low-Voltage Extension Cable

You may order the Bambach Low Voltage Cable (by the metre) and our Cable Connectors Set. Then manually join the cable to your pump's cord with the connector.

Shipping Information

ETA is approximately 2-5 business to arrive, depending on your location. For WA/TAS, please add 2 business days. Read More...

Will This Water Pump Fit My Fountain?

As a simple guide, determine the below:

1. Outlet size: Needs to match the diameter of the fountain's tubing.

2. Max head: Aim for 30% or greater than the fountain's waterfall drop height.

3. Physical size: Note the dimensions to ensure it fits within the feature. E.g. For a waterfall drop height of 1m, aim for a max head of at least 1.3m.

For more info, read How to Choose a Pump for Your Fountain.

Water Pump Care

The pump must be fully submerged in water when in operation or damage will occur. Take care in adding extra water during warmer weather. Failure to follow proper care guidelines voids warranty.
Ensure you measure your fountain and read all the specs before ordering a pump. Regrettably, used pumps cannot be returned.