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Terrace 2-Tier Large Tall Concrete Water Feature - 162cm

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Made in Australia
Built New To Order
Choice of 2 Colours

Note: We make each piece new to order and aim for a 8 week ETA for casting, sculpting, colouring, drying and final touches.

✓Plug & Play. Self-contained fountain. No external water source required.

✓40% deposit option available w/ balance remaining prior to delivery. Contact us to set up.

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Create a relaxing ambiance in your garden or patio with the Terrace 2-Tier Water Feature. Featuring decorative detailing throughout from the tip to the base, this piece is sure to add a lasting impression to your residence.

This is a classical self-contained water fountain in 4 pieces. It's built to stand upright against the wind, rain and natural elements.


  • Type: Self-Contained
  • Pieces: 4: Tip (~25kg), small bowl (~40kg), large bowl with attached neck (~240kg), base (~70kg)
  • Total Weight: ~375kg
  • Width (largest bowl): 110cm
  • Total Height: 162cm
  • Height base (ground to bottom of bowl): 57cm




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      The 150cm or 220cm ponds come in 8 pieces to be put together with concrete slabs. Requires some manual work. We recommend a qualified landscaper. View the Concrete Fountain Set Up Guide.

      Pond Liner: Sits within the pond so the pond does not need to be waterproofed. This method is the most economical and hassle-free.

      Waterproofing: You will need (1) concrete floor (2) waterproof each pond piece using fibreglass (3) labourer to assist.

      The pump must be fully submerged in water when in operation or damage will occur. Take care in adding extra water during warmer weather. Failure to follow proper care guidelines voids warranty.

      Please note, items that are 40kg or over will travel on a pallet. Due to courier OH&S policy, drivers will deliver the pallets to the front of your premises only. Ensure you plan ahead to move your freight to the desired location.

      If your driveway is deemed unsafe for the courier truck to be parked, we may need to leave the pallet at a nearby depot, which may incur a re-delivery fee. For further info, please read our delivery guide.

      All our limestone concrete items are hand made in Australia. Each piece is made new to order in our Sydney Workshop. We strive to continually improve our raw materials and refine our moulds and designs to achieve the highest quality end product.

      Please note as, due to the nature of the items being hand made, no two are identical and slight imperfections may occur.

      Refer below for actual colours of our limestone concrete products. Select your desired colour located near the 'Add to cart' button.



      This item is made from a mix of reconstituted marble chip, limestone & cement with the right blend for a superb finish. Due to the time required for casting, sculpting and drying we aim for a 6-8 week ETA.

      WK 1-2: In queue
      WK 3-5: Solution in mould, sculpting, drying
      WK 6-7: Patch up, fill up air bubbles, grind, filing
      WK 8: Colouring, drying, final touches
      WK 9: Pack & ready for shipping

      Self-Contained: Usually where the pedestal meets the largest bowl.
      With Pond: At the pedestal base. The tubing traverses the pedestal through to the acorn.

      We advise using a suitable "roof & gutter sealant" to seal the pump housing.

      All our pumps sold alone or included in our water features come with 12 month's warranty.

      NOTE: LED lights do not include warranty. Modifications to the pump or cord voids warranty.

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